Sermons by Kai Eilert

Sermons by Kai Eilert


This message is for those who have lowered their expectations for what God can do in their lives. You have no idea what our God can do through a single seed planted in faith. 

FeedOne Sunday

When it comes to solving the world’s problems we often think too big. But what if we all did for one what we wish we could do for everyone? What if we each went deep, long, and time with just one? We just might see the world changed. By giving $10 a month to Convoy of Hope’s FeedOne, you can feed one child for an entire month and open the doors to sharing the…

I Declare War: Fight Like A Wolf

Are you a fighting a war within? Sometimes we get held hostage by a version of ourselves we don’t want to be. But in this four-part series, we explore some teaching from Levi Lusko’s book, I Declare War, where he teaches how to get out of your own way and declare war on the things that are holding you back. You’ll never be the same after discovering the secret weapons you…