Sermons by Kai Eilert

Sermons by Kai Eilert

Thriving In Babylon: The Hope Process

Biblical hope involves the rock solid truth that God is in control of the universe, and He is just and capable to usher everything under submission to His authority. Every wrong will be righted. Every tear will be wiped away. Justice, in the coming kingdom, will prevail. All of this comes because of Jesus, His death on the cross for our sins, and His amazing resurrection.…

Thriving In Babylon: Daniel’s Story

Pastor Kai not only introduced us to Daniel, but he also detailed just how awful and deranged Babylon was, something that would make even our society blush. In the midst of this difficult place, Daniel didn’t merely survive, he thrived. Part of his secret was knowing God was in control, even when Israel’s enemies appeared to have won, and when the Lord is behind…

What’s Next?

God is the God of ‘What’s Next?’ He’s always inviting us into the what’s next that he has for our lives. Where are you and where does God want to take you?