March 29th Lesson

March 29th Lesson

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In today’s Bible story, Jesus used a special weapon against evil—God’s Word! Let’s see how Jesus used this sword to fight evil.

  • Why was it important that Jesus knew the Bible?
  • What’s one temptation or lie that’s hard for you to fight?
  • How could you use the Bible to fight that temptation or lie?

Life Application Wrap-Up

Activity (You’ll need a Bible for each child)

  • Give each child a Bible.
  • Have kids stand in a warrior pose, holding their Bibles like swords.
  • As kids pose, they can take turns praying aloud that God would help them love the Bible and use it to fight the enemy.
  • Pray: God, thank you so much for giving us your Word, this amazing sword! Help us put your Word in our hearts so we’re ready for battle. In Jesus’ name, amen.