March 22nd Lesson

March 22nd Lesson

Worship Videos

Talk About Video

We’re learning that we fight evil with salvation. When Paul was in prison and an earthquake set him and his friend free, they didn’t even leave! They stuck around to tell the jailer about Jesus. And we can do the same thing. Let’s watch the story of some twins who did just that.

  • What can you learn from the way Olivia and Elyse helped Uncle Martin?
  • Who is someone you can tell about Jesus?
  • What will you tell that person?

Life Application Wrap-Up

Activity (You’ll need paper and pencils)

  • Have each child think of someone he or she knows and wants to tell about Jesus.
  • Each child will draw a picture of the person he or she thought of wearing a helmet. (It’s okay if the pictures just look like scribbles to you.)
  • Have kids all hold out their pictures as you pray: Jesus, help us share the good news about your salvation just like Paul and Silas did. And help the people we drew understand and believe in you! Help them put on their helmets of salvation by becoming your friends so they can join us as we fight evil with salvation. In your name, amen.